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photoTranspective has a 20-year track record of proven success in executive coaching. Our programs produce extraordinary results for executives and managers who are serious about reaching new heights of excellence as world-class business leaders.


The Transpective Approach

As a Transpective client, your coach will support you in seeing the challenges you now face in a new light and on a much broader scale, thereby enabling you to see new opportunities that those challenges bring.

Your Transpective coach will support you in taking affordable risks that will allow you to get beyond your preconceived notions of possibilities and limitations. Your coach will be both a catalyst for change and an accelerant for the expansion of your abilities to generate new actions appropriate to your goals to bring you desired results.


Transformational Coaching

Like world-class athletes and entertainers, high-level executives now look to coaches to help them attain success on a global scale for their companies and for their individual careers.

Your Transpective coach will work with you in confidential, one-on-one sessions to help you:

  • Identify factors that are crucial to moving your organization forward.

  • Explore and create new opportunities for productivity, workability and personal development.

  • Embrace challenging opportunities that require your intervention and skillful leadership to deliver a successful outcome.


Transpective's Three Premises of Transformational Coaching:

Premise #1: A transformational coach asks the right questions and listens carefully to your answers to discover the actions you are taking and the driving forces behind them. A transformational coach will support you in shifting your perceptions, thereby enabling you to alter your actions.

Premise #2: A transformational coach drills below the surface to expose the aspects of your management and leadership style that are currently obstructing your effectiveness. Ridding yourself of those obstacles opens the pathway to new and productive actions that will bring you the behavior and results you desire as a leader.

Premise #3: A transformational coach does not tell you how to do your job. His or her purpose is to facilitate your development as a leader by working with you to:

  • Increase your self-awareness.

  • Rethink your current situations and create new strategies for dealing with them.

  • Learn new skills or "unlearn" habits that are obstructing your effectiveness.

  • Continue your development and sustain your newly acquired behaviors and practices.

Your value as a leader is in doing what would not -- or could not -- be done without you. Transformational coaching is designed to help you reach new vantage points that will give you the clarity, focus and confidence to get beyond seemingly insurmountable obstacles and –as a result -- produce extraordinary outcomes for your organization.


Performance Coaching

Your ability to deliver successful projects on time and within budget is crucial to your performance as a manager and to the profitability of your organization.

Our performance coaching program is designed to help you function at higher levels of efficiency and productivity, beginning with how you approach and work through individual tasks. Components of this program include:

Proficiency coaching -- your coach will explore with you how to better apply your skills and knowledge to accomplish regular tasks and find solutions to the problems inherent to your job.

Transitional coaching – your coach will work with you to create appropriate and effective strategies for coping with change and assimilating the impact of that change in ways that will enable you to work through a transition with the best possible results.


Development Coaching

Transpective's development coaching program provides corporate management an excellent development resource for those employees regarded as having high potential value for their companies.

Development coaching focuses on the competencies and individual qualities required of an employee to excel as a future manager or leader within his or her organization.

Development coaching is designed not only to reveal the strengths and limitations of an employee, but also to examine those strengths and limitations in light of what they could mean to his or her future success. A strength that serves as an asset now might actually prove to be a ceiling to future success. A limitation, on the other hand, might offer the opportunity for growth and development.

Development coaching gives participants the opportunity to transform their worldviews and reframe the ways they will view and deal with the challenges, demands and opportunities that lie ahead for them. It is an intense and rigorous program intended to bring about fresh and innovative approaches to management practices.


Coaching Techniques

Transpective offers two different coaching methods and will use the one that will best serve you in working toward your intended outcome. The two methods are:

  1. The Coach as a Director – Your coach begins by identifying your issues and then presenting you with scenarios to work through and resolve under his or her direction. These scenarios are created to simulate situations and conditions germane to the "real world" challenges you are now facing.

    This approach produces direct results in a short time and is recommended for issues that need immediate solutions.

  2. The Coach as a Facilitator – Your coach will facilitate you in identifying your issues that need to be addressed and in determining how best to address them.

    This approach is effective in building self-confidence and in producing profound behavioral changes to bring you lasting benefits


Some Client Comments

"The "Transpective" approach empowered me with the tools and the skills I need to powerfully tackle any vision, bring leadership to it, and interact with an organization to get it accomplished. I highly recommend Bob Elliott as a world-class executive coach. Working with him will give you access to a whole new world of possibilities and breakthrough results."

Darrell Smith, Creative Technologist, Product Line Manager at Line 6
March 19, 2009


"Bob is one of the most courageous people I know when it comes to doing the work that needs getting done in organizations that are looking to transform themselves. You can count on Bob to do what needs to get done in a way that empowers people."

Monika Aring, Consultant, Monika Aring Inc.
March 23, 2009


"Bob will provide you with the tools, coaching, and the ability to embrace real transformation. I would highly recommend Bob and the Transpective Group to anyone who is seeking to move themselves and their organizations to the next level!"


Joe Freitas, Director, Human Resources at Mercury Computer Systems
March 18, 2009

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